Visit SETT

Inspiring seminars, keynote speakers and workshops

As visitor, you will get inspiration directly from teachers and school managers who already have worked for some time with changes in which the use of modern communication to support education has played a major role. You will find inspiring seminars and keynote speakers, presentations of research result as well as the opportunity to participate in practical workshops. All in order to provide you with new and interesting ideas on how to concretely develop both yourself and your school in new and exciting directions.

Exhibition area

SETT has a big and inspirational exhibition area where you can meet suppliers of digital tools and modern learning environments. The exhibition consists of big tech brands as well as organizations and municipalities. The exhibition has developed into an active, vibrant meeting place where exhibitors offer talks, pop-up classes, workshops, discussions and competitions, creating the unique environment that SETT is known for.

Please note: most of the seminars are held in Swedish. Se the conference program here.

 If you want to sign up for the conference, please contact: Tanya Schulte 0046 8 506 650 41