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A Collaborative Creation Tool for All Ages

The LoiLoNote School app makes it easy to teach interactive, student-centered lessons with digital media. Users can quickly turn ideas into multimedia cards saved on an two-dimensional work space. Cards can easily be grouped and arranged in a way that makes sense for the learner. Grouped cards become playable multimedia presentations that can be broadcast to the classes devices, or send between users.

Practice Communication

At a basic level, LoiLoNote School is a tool for creating a presentation slide decks. The software is simple enough for primary students, and offers basic functions, so students can organize ideas as a presentation in a short time, leaving more time in class for practicing communication via presentation.

Share and Collaborate

LoiLoNote School makes it easy for users to share ideas. Students can submit the cards they created to the teacher or share them with others. Cards can be used to make a presentation, show ideas to friends, or compare ideas as a class; creating opportunities for shared learning experiences.

Map Out Ideas

Cards can be organized and grouped on a two-dimensional workspace, much like note-cards in a design thinking activity. Each of a user’s notes becomes a bird’s-eye-view of their thoughts as they attempt to process information. Thus, learners can create a personalized record of what they learned, available for review any time. All data is stored to the cloud, where it is available regardless of time and place.

Makes media creation easy of all ages

Encourages collaboration and communication

Thinking Tool

Open End Approach