Impero Software

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Helping Educators Digitalise Classrooms, Safeguard Pupils, and Manage Multiple Devices Cross-Platform

With a drive for digitalising the classroom across the world, teachers and ICT leaders need tools to ensure that the maximum benefit from all devices can be realised.  If you have multiple device types or are using a single operating system, having cross-platform functionality in a solution is useful and allows flexibility for any new or current devices purchased.

Impero Software combines device management, classroom teaching and online safety tools in one software package.

What’s better, there’s no need to worry about which teaching devices you’ve chosen to use on your network!

What benefits can Impero Software bring you?

  • Monitoring and management of all Windows, Apple and Google devices on a school network in real time – and in one view!
  • Enrich teaching and learning through interaction tools such as take/share control of a device
  • Simple one-click tools to lock screen, restrict internet and application access, send messages and broadcast your own or a student’s screen to the whole class
  • Google Classroom integration to synchronise your student groups
  • Geo-location based management, off-site filtering and controls based on group type

Overall, Impero Software brings mobile devices into the learning environment with ease. It’s customisable to include features you want!

Come and have a chat on stand C:67 to hear how we’re helping organisations all over the world, or feel free contact us by email directly to discuss your organisation’s requirements in detail.