We are excited to have you as an exhibitor at SETT!

Below you will find inportant information. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us: sett@easyfairs.com

Visiting address:

Arne Beurlings Torg 5
164 40 Kista
08-506 650 00

Lat: N 59º 24´ 21.26″
Long: E 17º 57´ 24.42″

The Kistamässan personnel are responsible for cleaning all public areas in the halls. Stands that are not cleaned will be cleaned by the centre staff in the evening before opening and charged to the exhibitor.

You will find a manned cloak room by the entrance of the show venue.

Christina Olsson
Sales Executive, Easyfairs
+ 46 (0)8 506 650 01
Sofie Täppmark
Project Manager, Easyfairs
+46 (0)8 506 650 02
Erika Hansson
Project coordinator, Easyfairs
+46 (0)8 506 650 41

From Friday 5th  April 7.15 am – 4 pm
Sunday 7th April 7 am – 6 pm
Monday 8th April 7 am – 10 pm

Please write following address on items to be delivered:

SETT/ Your Company/ Stand number

Vågögatan 3
SE-164 40 KISTA

NB! Kistamässan or Workman Event takes no responsibility for losses or damages on exhibitor products or items before, during or after the exhibition.

You are responsible of prinitng out your exhibit cars/name plates before coming to the fair via this link:

Everyone who enters the show venue must have an exhibitor card, this is for your own safety. The name plates must be worn by the staff who will work at your booth, throughout the trade fair and during moving in and out of the venue.

Please see following link: http://www.kistamassan.se/en/For-exhibitors/Technical-information/Fire-regulations

If you work with food and would like to handle food in your stand you must apply for a temporary food handling permit’ for the exhibition. Please contact:

Operations Manager KM Restauranger. Tel: +46 (0) 8 410 608 20, Konferens@kmgroup.se

Deliveries before the exhibition
From Friday 5th April 07.15am – 4pm
Sunday 7th April 07.00am – 6pm
Monday 8th April 07.00am – 10pm

Pick up of goods, see moving out times and dates. If you would like to agree upon another time to pick up goods contact stand service on phone: +46 (0)8 410 356 60 or monterservice@workman.se. Kistamässan or Workman Event takes no responsibility for packed goods before, during or after the event. All items from the stand must be packed and picked up during the agreed times. A cost per cubic meter and week will be charged for goods that are not picked up.
The exhibitor is responsible to arrange for transport and pick up of goods. 

If the goods are being asked to be delivered to the stand by the freight service, it will be charged to the exhibitor regardless of the agreement between the freight service and the exhibitor.

Opening hours for exhibitors:
Tuesday 9th April 7am-6pm
Wednesday 10th April 8am-5.30pm
Thursday 11th April 8am-12.00am (moving out from 4.30pm)

Normal construction height is 2,5 meters. Stand constructions above the normal height must be agreed upon in advance and a fee of 4950 SEK will be added on. The lights in the stands are not included.  Drawings of the height constructions have to be sent to monterservice@workman.se for agreement. Constructions higher than 2,50 meter requires anchoring from the ceiling with safety wire.

Kistamässan offers its clients and exhibitors wired (LAN) and wireless (WIFI) Internet access. The wired connection should be ordered in advance and the infrastructure is based on a switched and redundant network with high capacity and reliability. Address allocation is through DHCP. Connection to the Internet is without firewall and users are recommended to have updated anti-virus software installed in their computers.

Kistamässan are not liable for clients and exhibitors computers and/or applications.

The wireless network supports 802.11b/g/n. Private wireless routers, networks and other transmitting radio equipment are not allowed as they might interfere with the wireless network of Kistamässan. For special requirements, always consult the project manager at Kistamässan. Also note that many simultaneous connections/users affect the speed.

If stability and reliability is crucial, wired connection (LAN) is always recommended.

Moving in date:
Sunday  7th April 07.00am-18pm
Monday 8th April 07.00am-22pm

For machinery and material that weighs more than 1000 kg, a forklift service must be booked a minimum of a week in advance. Carpets will be laid out in all aisles during the last day of construction. All the public areas must be kept clean from exhibitor items, waste material and packaging from 5 pm on this day to facilitate this. Regarding additional time for stand construction, please contact: Marcus Sundström, +46 (0)8 410 356 87, marcus.sundstrom@workman.se

Please note that the work electricity is only permitted at additional moving in time!
10A/230V is ordered separately to an extra cost.


Opening hours for exhibitors:
Tuesday 9th April 7 am-6pm
Wednesday 10th April 8 am-17.30 pm
Thursday 11th April 8 am-12.00 am (moving out from 16.30 pm)

Thursday 11th of April  16.30 pm-24.00 am
Starting to pack your items and moving out of the stand before 16.30 pm the last day of the exhibition is not permitted. The stand must be staffed, until this time. If this is not followed,

A penalty fee of 10 000 SEK will be charged to the exhibitor. The first 15-30 minutes after the exhibition closes, the visitors are leaving the exhibition halls – during that time are we for safety reasons, not allowed to deliver the empty packaging into the halls. Neither can we open the loading doors and gates during this time for safety reasons. The aisles must be kept free from goods and other things, so that we can begin with the goods handling as soon as the visitors has left the halls.

The exhibition is open for visitors:

Tuesday 9th April 9 am-17pm
Wednesday 10th April 9 am-16.30 pm
Thursday 11th April 9 am-16.30 pm

You as an exhibitor have access to the hall area from 07.00 am on Tuesday and from 08.00 am on Wednesday and Thursday. The hall area has to be cleared 1 hour after the exhibition has closed.


The exhibition is open for exhibitors:

Tuesday 9th April 7 am-6pm
Wednesday 10th April 8 am-17.30 pm
Thursday 11th April 8 am-12.00 am (moving out from 16.30 pm)

The P-tickets can be bought either for one or more days at one time, they are purchased at the ticket machines on the parking lot.

Check the hall floor to see if there are any pillars in your stand. They are marked as red dots. They measure: 50×50 cm in hall 1 and 30×30 cm in hall 2. If that is the case you should be made aware of the possibility a pillar can be fitted with a fire extinguisher or/and water pipes.

Please contact the project team for more details.

During the ”moving in and out”- period there are a lot of people in the venue. Don´t leave any goods out of sight and make sure you have your insurance in order!